10 Reasons Why You Want To Use LFC

1. Easy to use

To add a page just add some content (text, images, files, etc.) and select a proper template to get a nice looking article. The administration interface is based on ajax to make it as snappy as possible. It tries to be clean, tidy and displays only these things you need.

2. Fast

Lightning Fast CMS is fast out of the box. This is true for the front end and the administration interface. The front end reaches ~30 requests/s without upstream caches on a MacBook Pro (this is a damn lie of course).

3. Powerful search engine

Users just need to add content and it is instantly found. The search takes the searching persons' permissions and language into account. LFC provides a live search (instant display of results while the user is typing the search phrase) and a clean and structured search result page.

4. Multilingual content

Lightning Fast CMS provides multilingual content out of the box. End users just add the languages they want to provide and start to add translations via a convenient form. If one just needs one language the feature can completely be turned off to reduce the complexity of the administration interface.

5. Time based publishing

Every content object can be published and hidden based on a start and a end date. 

6. Portlets

Every content object can have several portlets (chunks of HTML) for displaying information left and right beside the main content. For instance the navigation, images, some text or more sophisticated ones like a scrollable or something else.

7. Workflows

Every content object can have a workflow. For instance an editor adds a page, submits it for review and a reviewer publishes it. If you don't need workflows at all you can completely turn them of to reduce the complexity of the admin interface.

8. WYSIWYG-Editor

All texts can be formatted like with common word processors (e.g. MS Word or Pages). Images and links (external and internal) can be added easily by browsing your content.

9. Easy upload of images and files

Images and files can be easily mass uploaded (just select them). Images are automatically scaled to several common sizes.

10. SEO

Lightning Fast CMS provides a lot of features which are loved by search engines: valid HTML, plain CSS, wellformed and descriptive URLs, sensible metadata and a high performance.

More Information

LFC is a Content Management System based on Python, Django and jQuery.

You can find more information on the official homepage.

Please note: Some of the features described here are only available within the development version at the moment and will be part of the next release.

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