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News 02/2010

Recently we published LFC 1.0 Final. These are the plans for upcoming releases and other stuff related to Lighting Fast CMS:


  • Adding a live search
  • Adding more content formats, e.g. reST
  • Complete ajaxification of the management interface
  • More powerful tags which can be used within content, e.g. an asynchronous RSS-tag
  • Registering, minifying and merging CSS and Javascript based on django-resources
  • Versioning and working copies


  • We working on a composition product to easily create more complex pages out of new and existing content


News 01/2010

This is just a quick note about two novelties: 

There is an IRC channel for LFC now: irc://irc.freenode.net/django-lfc Don't hesitate to visit us.

There is an YouTube channel with some screencasts about LFC (more to come): http://www.youtube.com/user/lfcproject.

Released 1.0 alpha 7

Today we released 1.0 alpha 7. The main changes - besides the usual tiny bug fixes here and there - are:

  • Added workflows
  • Added per-object permissions


Both are based on two separate reusable Django apps: 


More information about the release can be found here:


LFC 1.0 (Man o' War) is now feature complete and we will focus on:

  • API clean-ups
  • User Interface improvements (to manage users, roles, permissions, workflows, etc.)
  • Documentation improvements
  • Test coverage


We are also working on LFC Blog a simple blog and LFC Compositor a page composition application. 

So stay tuned.

Released 1.0 alpha 6

Today we released 1.0 alpha 6. The main changes - besides the usual tiny bug fixes here and there - are:

  • Improved manage translations: added automatically slug
  • Improved management filebrowser: show global files
  • Improved management: delete files/images on file system if an object is deleted
  • Improved management: optimized update images
  • Improved management: nicer mass uploads for files (same as images)
  • Improved search form: take correct slug according to current language for search results
  • Improved HTML: Display page titles within title tag
  • Gallery template: display image titles
  • Update german translations


We think we are almost feature complete and the API is near to stable. So hopefully this is one of the last alpha releases for the 1.0 branch (Man o' War).

More information can be found on PyPi: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/django-lfc

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