Commenting can be turned on/off globally and for every single content object.

Cut/Copy’n Paste

Content objects can be easily copied or moved around.

Easy upload of images and files

Images and files can be mass uploaded. Images are automatically scaled to several sizes.

Flexible Databases

LFC supports several databases: PostgreSQLMySQLSQLite, Oracle and more. 

Multilingual content

Every content object can be translated to several languages. The user can switch simply between the provided languages.


Developers can easily add own applications, content types, templates and portlets.

RSS Feeds

Several RSS feeds can be added, e.g. based on specific tags or children of objects.


All content objects are automatically indexed and can be found quickly via the global search. Single content objects can be exclude from search results.


LFC provides a lot of features which are loved by search engines: valid HTML, plain CSS, wellformed and descriptive URLs, sensible metadata, high performance.


Every content object can be tagged with arbitrary keywords. These tags can then be used on several places within the site, e.g. to generate a tag cloud or as meta keywords to describe your content for search engines.

Time based publishing

Every content object can be published and hidden based on a start and end date.

Variable Templates

Templates are used to structure the content: text, images, files, children, etc. Every content object can choose its own template. LFC comes with a few default templates. Developers can easily add own ones.

Variable Portlets

Every page can have serveral portlets for displaying information beside the content. LFC comes with a small bunch of default portlets. Developers can easily add own ones.

Variable Workflows

Every content type and/or content object can have own workflows. Workflow states are used to assign variable permissions to the objects and user roles. LFC comes with one simple workflow by default. Developers can add easily own ones.


All texts can be formatted like with common word processors (e.g. MS Word or Pages). Images and links (external and internal) can be added easily.

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